Take a picture…it’ll last longer.

So I was recently in a male friend’s apartment and came to realize most guys have no idea how to transition from their decorating sense in college to the point where they’e decorating their own home in the burbs. But let’s be honest; that latter decorating sense consists of them sitting on the couch on Sundays watching football while their wife shops for their new house’s decor.

In life there’s a point where guys live alone sans twin bed and mini fridge and most of them have no idea how to decorate for that humble abode. So its time to tear down the Dark Side of the Moon poster and put up some cool photography by the great Gray Malin.

Gray is a young…hot….photographer who studied at Emerson College (what what Boston!) and shoots under the title Maison Gray. But more importantly he’s got a great eye for photographing every day images that will spice of your living quarters.

I really love his collection of “Nine Poloraids”. Grey takes corresponding poloraids of the same image and frames them together for an interesting look. And even better than his art work is the price. I know I know…nothing beats $7.99 at your local Hot Topic but these beauties at $189 a pop make them investment pieces. Yeah that’s right I said investment pieces. That’s a phrase adults use. Adults who decorate. And who knows maybe some day your wife will hang your photographs in your “Man Den”.

So check out a couple of his pieces. My favs are the Nine Poloraids of the Chicago Cloud Gate Sculpture

Or chchchchcheck out the Boston photograph.

They’d look perfect next to any Periodic Table of Mixology poster! Kidding. Take it down….now.

I fly like paper, get high like planes

Think you’re sneaker collection is complete? Do you own a pair of paper shoes? Didn’t think so.

Who didn’t walk around with shoe boxes on their feet when they were little. No? Just me? Well now you can have your own pair of adult paper shoes. A company called Civic Duty Shoes created a line of eco-friendly sneakers very similar to your classic Converse styles.

They’re made from the same stuff as your USPS mailing envelopes; a material called Tyvek from DuPont. So if your envelope of headshots can withstand being mailed to your future mail order bride in Russia, I’m pretty sure these sneakers can hold up to every day wear and tear.

Civic Duty has two styles that I really like. When it comes to paper shoes (which I’m now an expert in) I think the more simple to silo the better. I mean they’re paper so let’s not go overboard.

Fascination are modeled after the popular Converse Chuck Taylors.

Dedication are a great simple slip on sneak.

Grab a pair of these environmentally friendly shoes at Civic Duty’s own site; civicdutyshoes.com. They’re also available at The Tannery and on sale (what! what!) on endless.com.

Oh and check out the video below. Who doesn’t remember this skit? It’s all I could think about while writing this blog entry. Just click on the image.

Hit me baby one more time

I recently read an article on Yahoo! Shopping about eleven classic watches for men. The shopping site now has a ‘watch columnist’ who is supposed to be an expert on all things time pieces. Well he already got one thing wrong. I don’t know many men out there that will spend over $350 on a watch which they’ll most likely forget to take off when they jump in a pool. But let’s be honest you didn’t really jump in…your buddies pushed you in while you’re were at the top of your game talking to that fine young lady.
I decided to check out these classic watches and find some great substitutions. I wouldn’t even consider them substitutes because they’re all made by well known designers and are a great bang for their buck. Another way I made this easier for y’all is that each one of these watches in available on Nordstrom.com. And guess what!?! Nordstrom is having their Anniversary Sale right now so get on it boys!

The Braun: The Analog $220

D&G ‘Large Twin Tip’ $195

The Analog was originally designed in the 1970s and reissued this year. I love the clean lines and how simple it is. Dolce and Gabbana makes a very similar round face watch with a leather wristband. It still has the 70s lines but with a modern twist.

Hamilton: The Khaki Field $550

Lacoste: Santiago $130

DIESEL Gents’ Round Watch $130

The Khaki Field is definitely for that man who thinks boat shoes are dressy. Or for the fourteen year old in you who still wishes you could play Indiana Jones every day with your friends. Choose wisely with the Lacoste or DIESEL field watches and maybe if you’re lucky there will be an Indiana Jones marathon on over the weekend and you can live vicariously through the flicks. Hurry up and get out your bull whip!

IWC: The Pilot $3,900

AX Armani Exchange Leather Strap Round Watch $120

IWC are watch people. They definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to designing watches and they have the price tag to go with. I’m pretty sure you can’t go wrong with the AX which looks surprisingly similar. Perfect for your board meeting and the boss will never know you spent less than 5% of the IWC cost.

Omega: The Speedmaster $3,900

Michael Kors ‘Large Layton’ Chronograph Watch $149.90

So we all know Omega makes beautiful watches. They’re so pretty it’s kind of ridiculous. And they’re worn by pretty people like George Clooney. Since most of you are ballers on budgets this Michael Kors watch will make you look like you just robbed a casino with Brad Pitt and Matt Damon with out all the hassle.

Cartier: The Tank $4,500

BOSS Black Rectangular Case Leather Strap Watch $175

This is actually a steal for a Cartier watch made with gold and a real croc wrist band. But what’s even more of a steal is the Hugo Boss watch that looks very similar. It still has that classic time piece feel but a little more practical for every day wear.

Tag Heuer: The Monaco $5,295

Skagen Blue Dial Leather Strap Watch $72.90

Tag Heuer is known for their square watch faces. The thing I like so much about this watch is the blue face which goes seamlessly with the silver frame and black croc band. The Skagen has the same look but a little more casual for day to day wear.

Rolex: The Submariner $7,000

D&G ‘Genteel’ Chronograph Watch $295

You may be 58 years old but you don’t look at day over 20 darling. Who doesn’t want a Rolex in their life? Who can really afford one? For those of you with champagne taste on a beer budget I give you the Genteel.

Jaeger LeCoultre: The Reverso $9,450

Emporio Armani Medium Rectangular Leather Strap Watch $195

The Reverso was originally made for polo matches and who doesn’t love playing a polo match on a Saturday afternoon. Maybe water polo is more up your alley. Although I can’t give you a reversible watch face for under $300 I think this Emporio Armani would look perfect on any polo player. Prince Harry I’m talking to you.

Zenith: El Primero $10,900

Kenneth Cole New York Multifunction Silicone Strap Watch $89.90

With a price tag at over $10,000 it’s still worth it. Zenith still manufactures their watches in house! We can’t say the same about Kenneth Cole but it definitely has the same feel as the El Primero…a whole bunch of dials. Does anyone really know what those are all for??

Panerai: The Luminor $21,100

DIESEL® Stainless Steel Watch $150

The Luminor was first designed for the Italian army in the 1950s. It’s very modern looking for the time period of its creation. The Diesel although not completely similar still has that military-issue feel.

Audemars Piguet: The Royal Oak $21,375

Tommy Bahama ‘Weekender’ Rose Gold Watch $367

I get a great safari vibe from both these watches. I definitely see them riding in a Range Rover over the Serengeti. One is about the price for a family of ten to go on safari while the other leaves you a little extra spending money to actually take the trip. Take your pick or shall I say choose wisely.

So what are you waiting for? Time’s a ticking!

It’s been a long time. Shouldn’t have left you without a dope beat to step to.

I know. I know it’s been a while. Such a tease right? I write one entry in two months and then you never hear from me again. Well I’ve been busy and I’m just not that into you. Kidding. Well I have been busy; being a Maid of Honor is hard work y’all. So is real life work. It really cramps my style.
So I’m back, it’s almost summer and what says summer more that Boat Shoes! Ok a lot of things say summer more than boat shoes but I’m really feeling them right now. I think they’re a great shoe for spring that can move seamlessly into summer.

Steve Madden: Welinton Suede Boat Shoes

Great basic pair of boat shoes. Perfect for pretty much any outfit you’re looking to sport. These would be excellent with a pair of jeans. You can wear them on a date with your lady friend and I’m sure she’ll be impressed.

Polo Ralph Lauren: Men’s Lander Boat Shoe

Perfect for your summer trip whether it’s up to Booth Bay Harbor for a weekend or a hop, skip and a jump down to Key West for the week. You’ll be stylin’ in every area code.

Jack Purcell for Converse: Boat Shoe Slip

I really like this modern spin on the boat shoe. Jack Purcell makes great sneakers especially for Converse and this pair is no exception. They’re a nice pair to add to your shoe collection if you already have enough pairs of classic boaties and want to spice up your shoe life.

Tretorn: ‘Smogensson’ Suede & Leather Sneaker

Get a pair of these for casual Friday. Its ok, they’re suede, totally appropriate for the office! Don’t have casual Fridays? Well then I don’t know what to tell you except take a sick day and take a stroll down the street in these beauties.

So there you go. Happy now. I’m no longer a dead beat blogger.
Oh and one more thing. If I see you wearing your boat shoes with a pair of sweat socks you’ll never hear from me again. 🙂

Sock it to me

Men’s Socks: A Guide to Proper Wearing

I read this article/blog entry a while back and thought it was underestimating the male mind a little bit. Could some guys really be that oblivious to the fact that their socks should match, be clean and not have holes in them? Do they really not know the appropriate time and place to wear sweat socks? Apparently they need more guidance in the sock department than I had thought. I finally came to terms with it when I saw a man, who was on a date with a lovely young lady, sporting black tube socks. Really? Really. I could not stop staring. It boggles my mind because I would think the thought process would be questioned when he put on the tube socks, then a pair of dress shoes and the shoes felt too small. I thought wrong.

I wish they taken a deeper dive (I’ve always wanted to use that saying) into the theory of no socks in the summer. Don’t get me wrong I am all for sockless Sundays and sporting a pair of boat shoes sans socks but there is a fine line to walk with this one. It’s the summer and you’re out for dinner. Please wear socks. You most likely shouldn’t be wearing boat shoes to dinner unless you’re at the Barking Crab so I think socks should be a part of the equation. Think about it. Do you want your waiter serving you with sweaty sockless feet?

I’d have to say my favorite part is the Conclusion on Socks…summarizing socks. A website after my own heart. It’s love that I’m feeling.

Huey Lewis got it right; it’s hip to be square

I will try to keep this short and sweet. Pocket squares are making a comeback so you better book a one way ticket on this train. I’m not sure why they ever left but they are back and it’s love that I’m feeling. I’ve always thought every man should sport a pocket square at least once in their life while holding a martini, shaken not stirred, and live out their greatest James Bond fantasy. “Darling Miss Moneypenny, you know I’d never even look at another woman.” Who doesn’t want that in their life?
Last night I was at a local event when across the room I saw what I thought to be a mirage. It was in fact a man with a light blue gingham pocket square. He stood out for me which is a good thing. A pocket square makes a statement. It pulls your look together whether it be a sport coat or tuxedo, it makes you look like a complete gentleman (even if you may be a jerk) and can be a great conversation starter.
Since pocket squares are some what a thing of the past I’ve pulled a few styles I really like. You can wear some casual with a sport coat and jeans or with your stylin’ suit at a wedding.

I love the Medium Gingham Pocket Square and the Side Selvedge Pocket Square for a more casual look. Perhaps something as simple as a flat fold in a khaki blazer pocket for the summer.

The Frame Check Pocket Square is a little dressier. It goes great in a sport coat for a day at the office. I mean nothing says ‘future CEO of this wretched place’ quite like a pocket square while you’re busting out that PowerPoint presentation.

The Roda Border Pocket Square is the fanciest of the bunch. I would reserve this for your finest events. The colors are great for a summer wedding or to spice up your monkey suit for a charity event.

Now I know most of you won’t even know how to fold the dang thing once you buy it. Believe me I know…I’ve folded them for a few of you. Below are your basic folds.

Most reserve the flat fold for a tuxedo but I like this fold for anything with a print. You’re making a statement with the print, no need to get fancy with the fold.

The two corner fold is a little harder and takes a little more practice. If you end up with a solid colored pocket square you might want to try the two corner to spice it up a little bit. Not really the best fold for a night out on the town because you know at least one person will pull it out and you’ll spend the next ten minutes refolding. It’s a classic fold so it’ll also look perfect with a three piece suit.
So pocket squares; they’re back and I’m excited to see them all over Boston. Oh and I lied. This blog was neither short nor sweet but what do you expect from a gangly 5’9″ inappropriate gal?

If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the snow

With the snow just around the corner…um wasn’t it supposed to start already…what better way to make it through the end of winter than to check out J Crew’s 2011 swim trunk collection. Classic styles that will last you for more than just one season. And for J Crew they are all at a great price. Leaving you with a little extra cash for a few more of those fruity umbrella drinks at the swim up bar.

9″ Solid Cargo Board Short

Seersucker Board Short

Solid Contrast Waistband Board Short