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Hey I know we haven’t talked in a year and a half but can we get back together?


We have all been there, done that. Sent a text or four or left a ten minute voicemail rambling on about how great hanging out at 2AM would be and maybe you could “you know, just talk”. Don’t worry fellas I’m not judging I’ve done it more than once. Perhaps at least once this weekend. I’m actually afraid to look at my phone and see the truth because we all know I’m handsy and love everyone at 1:40 in the morning.

So I am sure y’all will love this twitter account. It showcases some of those desperate texts. You may have received or sent them yourself which makes this site a guilty pleasure for all. Nothing like a little cyber humiliation to make the world go round.

Some are attempts to rekindle a long lost relationship.
“We’ll always be friends no matter what…even if u block my emails…ur my friend”

Others to remind the ex of the hatred that still burns two years later.
“You know how the saying goes, ‘can’t turn a ho into a housewife right?'”

My favorites are when the sender thinks saying they are sober means it’s true. #lies
“Im actually a loser so don’t associate yourself with me #sober”

I mean who doesn’t want to wake up to these sweet nothings!
Don’t be bashful ladies and gents….don’t forget to add your own personal love texts.

Paul Bunyan called. He wants his shirts back.

Now I know a few years ago plaid shirts were all the rage to wear with your new pair of Ban Wayfarers but it’s 2011. Time to move on. I was recently at a bar watching a few bands and was immersed in a sea of plaid. Don’t get me wrong at one point plaid button downs were the bee’s knees when only two people in the room were sporting them. I feel like now every guy panics a little bit while out shopping and they go for the first black, white and red plaid shirt they see for a hip look. For those of you out there who just can’t quit your plaid cold turkey I’ve found a lot of great button downs to wean you out of hipster mode. It’s almost spring gentleman; put down the Narragansett and pick up a gin and tonic.

Gingham is great to pick up in the spring and will take you through summer and if you’re feeling ambitious the rest of the year under a sweater or sport coat. I love this J Crew Montecito gingham shirt to wear with a pair of jeans or some flat front khakis for work. And a bonus if you have blue eyes, they’ll really sparkle now.

I love love love this Utility shirt. It’s perfect for a casual night or weekend jaunt. And even with my OCD ironing issues I would say you can work this shirt a little wrinkled. A plus right? Stay away from the white. Unless you’re a bronzed God you’ll most likely be washed out wearing it. I’m really digging the black as a transition piece into spring. I’m feeling a touch of 2011 Indiana Jones in this shirt. I’m talking Indiana Jones sans Shia LeBeouf.

Now here’s some plaid in a good way. I haven’t seen too many people out there straying from the black, red and white plaid. This is very 1965 Don Draper on the weekend smoking a Lucky while barbequing in the backyard with the family after spending the night with a girl from the typing pool. I like this shirt for a date night. Maybe roll up the sleeves to make it a little less professional and a lot more dateable.

I’m going out on a limb here and going to say every guy needs a chambray button down for the spring. Whether its under a grey sweater, buttoned up for a casual work place or with a great striped tee underneath I think this style will take you places…show you a world you’ve never seen before! That’s how into the chambray I am. This slim cut is great because the boxier you get in the fit the more you look like the Brawny paper towel man’s ugly stepbrother.

Find a look that’ll work for you? Great. Now throw out those old plaids shirts. Do not donate them to the Salvation Army because you’ll see some Allston hipster wearing it in two weeks flat.

Love me, don’t wear me

Personally I would never say no to a full length beaver fur coat or a pair of suede knee high boots but there are some people out there who are opposed to wearing or eating animals with such cute faces. My friend Alex just booked a one way ticket on the Vegetarian Express and recently asked me for some advice on stylish vegan shoes. His new motto: “love me, don’t eat me” can make it hard to find some fashionable sneakers or dress shoes. A lot of footwear designers are making lines that are vegan friendly but you still have to be careful. Make sure they specify Vegan/Vegetarian because most people don’t realize almost every shoe or sneaker out there has leather in it.
I don’t know how many guys in Boston are animal conscious but I thought “challenge accepted” and took a gander at what kind of vegan shoes are offered.

Desert boots are all the rage this winter for guys and gals. Here’s the next best thing for a vegetarian. One great thing is while trudging through the 70 inches of snow in Boston you won’t ruin your favorite pair of suede shoes…because they’re not real!

Vegan Wing Tips!! Oh my Gucci now I’ve seen everything. Every man needs a pair of wing tips in their life; even a man who doesn’t eat animals deserves a pair.

Saucony actually has a large selection of vegetarian sneakers. Very similar to their classics sneakers but don’t worry, no cows were injured in the making of them. Wear them with jeans on the weekends and impress the ladies with your newly found animal loving soul.

Going for a job interview at PETA? These actually look like they’re real leather. Perfect for a job interview or to wear to work every day.

So I must say if I was ever thinking about going vegan it’s safe to say there are some decent shoes out there. Until then I’m off to eat a rack of ribs in my coonskin cap Davy Crockett style.