Love me, don’t wear me

Personally I would never say no to a full length beaver fur coat or a pair of suede knee high boots but there are some people out there who are opposed to wearing or eating animals with such cute faces. My friend Alex just booked a one way ticket on the Vegetarian Express and recently asked me for some advice on stylish vegan shoes. His new motto: “love me, don’t eat me” can make it hard to find some fashionable sneakers or dress shoes. A lot of footwear designers are making lines that are vegan friendly but you still have to be careful. Make sure they specify Vegan/Vegetarian because most people don’t realize almost every shoe or sneaker out there has leather in it.
I don’t know how many guys in Boston are animal conscious but I thought “challenge accepted” and took a gander at what kind of vegan shoes are offered.

Desert boots are all the rage this winter for guys and gals. Here’s the next best thing for a vegetarian. One great thing is while trudging through the 70 inches of snow in Boston you won’t ruin your favorite pair of suede shoes…because they’re not real!

Vegan Wing Tips!! Oh my Gucci now I’ve seen everything. Every man needs a pair of wing tips in their life; even a man who doesn’t eat animals deserves a pair.

Saucony actually has a large selection of vegetarian sneakers. Very similar to their classics sneakers but don’t worry, no cows were injured in the making of them. Wear them with jeans on the weekends and impress the ladies with your newly found animal loving soul.

Going for a job interview at PETA? These actually look like they’re real leather. Perfect for a job interview or to wear to work every day.

So I must say if I was ever thinking about going vegan it’s safe to say there are some decent shoes out there. Until then I’m off to eat a rack of ribs in my coonskin cap Davy Crockett style.

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