Hey I know we haven’t talked in a year and a half but can we get back together?


We have all been there, done that. Sent a text or four or left a ten minute voicemail rambling on about how great hanging out at 2AM would be and maybe you could “you know, just talk”. Don’t worry fellas I’m not judging I’ve done it more than once. Perhaps at least once this weekend. I’m actually afraid to look at my phone and see the truth because we all know I’m handsy and love everyone at 1:40 in the morning.

So I am sure y’all will love this twitter account. It showcases some of those desperate texts. You may have received or sent them yourself which makes this site a guilty pleasure for all. Nothing like a little cyber humiliation to make the world go round.

Some are attempts to rekindle a long lost relationship.
“We’ll always be friends no matter what…even if u block my emails…ur my friend”

Others to remind the ex of the hatred that still burns two years later.
“You know how the saying goes, ‘can’t turn a ho into a housewife right?'”

My favorites are when the sender thinks saying they are sober means it’s true. #lies
“Im actually a loser so don’t associate yourself with me #sober”

I mean who doesn’t want to wake up to these sweet nothings!
Don’t be bashful ladies and gents….don’t forget to add your own personal love texts.

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