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Huey Lewis got it right; it’s hip to be square

I will try to keep this short and sweet. Pocket squares are making a comeback so you better book a one way ticket on this train. I’m not sure why they ever left but they are back and it’s love that I’m feeling. I’ve always thought every man should sport a pocket square at least once in their life while holding a martini, shaken not stirred, and live out their greatest James Bond fantasy. “Darling Miss Moneypenny, you know I’d never even look at another woman.” Who doesn’t want that in their life?
Last night I was at a local event when across the room I saw what I thought to be a mirage. It was in fact a man with a light blue gingham pocket square. He stood out for me which is a good thing. A pocket square makes a statement. It pulls your look together whether it be a sport coat or tuxedo, it makes you look like a complete gentleman (even if you may be a jerk) and can be a great conversation starter.
Since pocket squares are some what a thing of the past I’ve pulled a few styles I really like. You can wear some casual with a sport coat and jeans or with your stylin’ suit at a wedding.

I love the Medium Gingham Pocket Square and the Side Selvedge Pocket Square for a more casual look. Perhaps something as simple as a flat fold in a khaki blazer pocket for the summer.

The Frame Check Pocket Square is a little dressier. It goes great in a sport coat for a day at the office. I mean nothing says ‘future CEO of this wretched place’ quite like a pocket square while you’re busting out that PowerPoint presentation.

The Roda Border Pocket Square is the fanciest of the bunch. I would reserve this for your finest events. The colors are great for a summer wedding or to spice up your monkey suit for a charity event.

Now I know most of you won’t even know how to fold the dang thing once you buy it. Believe me I know…I’ve folded them for a few of you. Below are your basic folds.

Most reserve the flat fold for a tuxedo but I like this fold for anything with a print. You’re making a statement with the print, no need to get fancy with the fold.

The two corner fold is a little harder and takes a little more practice. If you end up with a solid colored pocket square you might want to try the two corner to spice it up a little bit. Not really the best fold for a night out on the town because you know at least one person will pull it out and you’ll spend the next ten minutes refolding. It’s a classic fold so it’ll also look perfect with a three piece suit.
So pocket squares; they’re back and I’m excited to see them all over Boston. Oh and I lied. This blog was neither short nor sweet but what do you expect from a gangly 5’9″ inappropriate gal?

If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the snow

With the snow just around the corner…um wasn’t it supposed to start already…what better way to make it through the end of winter than to check out J Crew’s 2011 swim trunk collection. Classic styles that will last you for more than just one season. And for J Crew they are all at a great price. Leaving you with a little extra cash for a few more of those fruity umbrella drinks at the swim up bar.

9″ Solid Cargo Board Short

Seersucker Board Short

Solid Contrast Waistband Board Short

I wear my sunglasses at night ’cause the sun never sets on a badass

So I recently had a minor…ok major panic attack when my favorite pair of sunglasses broke. I may have pitched a fit in the middle of a restaurant but I have a connection with my sunnies. I wear them every where; in the middle of summer on the beach and while shoveling snow in January. So long story longer I decided to do a little sunnie shopping with my good guy friend on a Saturday afternoon. Our shopping trip may or may not have been steamrolled by two lovely ladies so we’ve got triple the lady advice. Here are some of the styles out there that I really liked for the fellas.

Ray Ban Wayfarers

I have a soft spot for the Classic Wayfarers. Maybe it’s the touch of hipster inside of me but I went straight for these beauties in the store. Who wouldn’t love these?!?! Most ladies can’t pull this style off because they’re a larger pair but I think they look great on almost every guy. Gotta love a classic.

Ray Ban Clubmaster

I know again with the Ray Bans. Clubmasters are for your inner rock and roll soul. They have a little bit more pizzazz than the Wayfarers but still look great. I mean who wouldn’t say yes to say Marcus Mumford sporting them? And he’s got a British accent. I know he’s my soul mate: British, tall dark and handsome, in a band AND wears Ray Bans. Ok back to the sunglasses. Get these and I’ll love you forever.

Lactose Navigator Aviators

Aviators are perfection for any summer day and fit perfectly into any situation. I like the black frames on this pair. They don’t make the glasses look as flimsy as classic aviators so you don’t have to feel as bad tossing them around.

Persol Supreme

The Persol Supreme are little twist on the classic aviator. You already have a pair of aviators but you’re looking for something to show the ladies you’ve got a stylish side. The squared off larger lens are definitely great for those with bigger faces.

Banana Republic Shawn

Most people seem to buy their sunglasses in black and silver but the OCD in me has to match her sunglasses to her jewelry to her shoes. OCD…I know! So if you want a pair not in a traditional color, check out these Banana Republic beauties in Gold.

Persol Crystal

I tried this pair of Persol on myself in the store. Ok I tried on pretty much every pair of sunglasses in the store. Even though they looked fab on me they also looked great on guys. I would say most sunglasses are not unisex but these definitely are. They’re very similar to the Clubmaster but the tortoise frames tone down the hipster feel for those of you who don’t see yourselves hanging out on the Coachella fair grounds.

Oakley Plaintiff

For the Sporty Spice in you. The Plaintiff is stylish but doesn’t scream ‘I love wearing my Nantucket Reds while riding my white BMW convertible around town with Lady Gaga blasting on the radio’. They’ve got a sport edge to them so you can get away with wearing them while playing in the softball league after work.