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Sock it to me

Men’s Socks: A Guide to Proper Wearing

I read this article/blog entry a while back and thought it was underestimating the male mind a little bit. Could some guys really be that oblivious to the fact that their socks should match, be clean and not have holes in them? Do they really not know the appropriate time and place to wear sweat socks? Apparently they need more guidance in the sock department than I had thought. I finally came to terms with it when I saw a man, who was on a date with a lovely young lady, sporting black tube socks. Really? Really. I could not stop staring. It boggles my mind because I would think the thought process would be questioned when he put on the tube socks, then a pair of dress shoes and the shoes felt too small. I thought wrong.

I wish they taken a deeper dive (I’ve always wanted to use that saying) into the theory of no socks in the summer. Don’t get me wrong I am all for sockless Sundays and sporting a pair of boat shoes sans socks but there is a fine line to walk with this one. It’s the summer and you’re out for dinner. Please wear socks. You most likely shouldn’t be wearing boat shoes to dinner unless you’re at the Barking Crab so I think socks should be a part of the equation. Think about it. Do you want your waiter serving you with sweaty sockless feet?

I’d have to say my favorite part is the Conclusion on Socks…summarizing socks. A website after my own heart. It’s love that I’m feeling.