Monthly Archives: August 2011

I fly like paper, get high like planes

Think you’re sneaker collection is complete? Do you own a pair of paper shoes? Didn’t think so.

Who didn’t walk around with shoe boxes on their feet when they were little. No? Just me? Well now you can have your own pair of adult paper shoes. A company called Civic Duty Shoes created a line of eco-friendly sneakers very similar to your classic Converse styles.

They’re made from the same stuff as your USPS mailing envelopes; a material called Tyvek from DuPont. So if your envelope of headshots can withstand being mailed to your future mail order bride in Russia, I’m pretty sure these sneakers can hold up to every day wear and tear.

Civic Duty has two styles that I really like. When it comes to paper shoes (which I’m now an expert in) I think the more simple to silo the better. I mean they’re paper so let’s not go overboard.

Fascination are modeled after the popular Converse Chuck Taylors.

Dedication are a great simple slip on sneak.

Grab a pair of these environmentally friendly shoes at Civic Duty’s own site; They’re also available at The Tannery and on sale (what! what!) on

Oh and check out the video below. Who doesn’t remember this skit? It’s all I could think about while writing this blog entry. Just click on the image.