Monthly Archives: October 2011

Take a picture…it’ll last longer.

So I was recently in a male friend’s apartment and came to realize most guys have no idea how to transition from their decorating sense in college to the point where they’e decorating their own home in the burbs. But let’s be honest; that latter decorating sense consists of them sitting on the couch on Sundays watching football while their wife shops for their new house’s decor.

In life there’s a point where guys live alone sans twin bed and mini fridge and most of them have no idea how to decorate for that humble abode. So its time to tear down the Dark Side of the Moon poster and put up some cool photography by the great Gray Malin.

Gray is a young…hot….photographer who studied at Emerson College (what what Boston!) and shoots under the title Maison Gray. But more importantly he’s got a great eye for photographing every day images that will spice of your living quarters.

I really love his collection of “Nine Poloraids”. Grey takes corresponding poloraids of the same image and frames them together for an interesting look. And even better than his art work is the price. I know I know…nothing beats $7.99 at your local Hot Topic but these beauties at $189 a pop make them investment pieces. Yeah that’s right I said investment pieces. That’s a phrase adults use. Adults who decorate. And who knows maybe some day your wife will hang your photographs in your “Man Den”.

So check out a couple of his pieces. My favs are the Nine Poloraids of the Chicago Cloud Gate Sculpture

Or chchchchcheck out the Boston photograph.

They’d look perfect next to any Periodic Table of Mixology poster! Kidding. Take it down….now.