I wear my sunglasses at night ’cause the sun never sets on a badass

So I recently had a minor…ok major panic attack when my favorite pair of sunglasses broke. I may have pitched a fit in the middle of a restaurant but I have a connection with my sunnies. I wear them every where; in the middle of summer on the beach and while shoveling snow in January. So long story longer I decided to do a little sunnie shopping with my good guy friend on a Saturday afternoon. Our shopping trip may or may not have been steamrolled by two lovely ladies so we’ve got triple the lady advice. Here are some of the styles out there that I really liked for the fellas.

Ray Ban Wayfarers

I have a soft spot for the Classic Wayfarers. Maybe it’s the touch of hipster inside of me but I went straight for these beauties in the store. Who wouldn’t love these?!?! Most ladies can’t pull this style off because they’re a larger pair but I think they look great on almost every guy. Gotta love a classic.

Ray Ban Clubmaster

I know again with the Ray Bans. Clubmasters are for your inner rock and roll soul. They have a little bit more pizzazz than the Wayfarers but still look great. I mean who wouldn’t say yes to say Marcus Mumford sporting them? And he’s got a British accent. I know he’s my soul mate: British, tall dark and handsome, in a band AND wears Ray Bans. Ok back to the sunglasses. Get these and I’ll love you forever.

Lactose Navigator Aviators

Aviators are perfection for any summer day and fit perfectly into any situation. I like the black frames on this pair. They don’t make the glasses look as flimsy as classic aviators so you don’t have to feel as bad tossing them around.

Persol Supreme

The Persol Supreme are little twist on the classic aviator. You already have a pair of aviators but you’re looking for something to show the ladies you’ve got a stylish side. The squared off larger lens are definitely great for those with bigger faces.

Banana Republic Shawn

Most people seem to buy their sunglasses in black and silver but the OCD in me has to match her sunglasses to her jewelry to her shoes. OCD…I know! So if you want a pair not in a traditional color, check out these Banana Republic beauties in Gold.

Persol Crystal

I tried this pair of Persol on myself in the store. Ok I tried on pretty much every pair of sunglasses in the store. Even though they looked fab on me they also looked great on guys. I would say most sunglasses are not unisex but these definitely are. They’re very similar to the Clubmaster but the tortoise frames tone down the hipster feel for those of you who don’t see yourselves hanging out on the Coachella fair grounds.

Oakley Plaintiff

For the Sporty Spice in you. The Plaintiff is stylish but doesn’t scream ‘I love wearing my Nantucket Reds while riding my white BMW convertible around town with Lady Gaga blasting on the radio’. They’ve got a sport edge to them so you can get away with wearing them while playing in the softball league after work.

Hey I know we haven’t talked in a year and a half but can we get back together?


We have all been there, done that. Sent a text or four or left a ten minute voicemail rambling on about how great hanging out at 2AM would be and maybe you could “you know, just talk”. Don’t worry fellas I’m not judging I’ve done it more than once. Perhaps at least once this weekend. I’m actually afraid to look at my phone and see the truth because we all know I’m handsy and love everyone at 1:40 in the morning.

So I am sure y’all will love this twitter account. It showcases some of those desperate texts. You may have received or sent them yourself which makes this site a guilty pleasure for all. Nothing like a little cyber humiliation to make the world go round.

Some are attempts to rekindle a long lost relationship.
“We’ll always be friends no matter what…even if u block my emails…ur my friend”

Others to remind the ex of the hatred that still burns two years later.
“You know how the saying goes, ‘can’t turn a ho into a housewife right?'”

My favorites are when the sender thinks saying they are sober means it’s true. #lies
“Im actually a loser so don’t associate yourself with me #sober”

I mean who doesn’t want to wake up to these sweet nothings!
Don’t be bashful ladies and gents….don’t forget to add your own personal love texts.

Paul Bunyan called. He wants his shirts back.

Now I know a few years ago plaid shirts were all the rage to wear with your new pair of Ban Wayfarers but it’s 2011. Time to move on. I was recently at a bar watching a few bands and was immersed in a sea of plaid. Don’t get me wrong at one point plaid button downs were the bee’s knees when only two people in the room were sporting them. I feel like now every guy panics a little bit while out shopping and they go for the first black, white and red plaid shirt they see for a hip look. For those of you out there who just can’t quit your plaid cold turkey I’ve found a lot of great button downs to wean you out of hipster mode. It’s almost spring gentleman; put down the Narragansett and pick up a gin and tonic.

Gingham is great to pick up in the spring and will take you through summer and if you’re feeling ambitious the rest of the year under a sweater or sport coat. I love this J Crew Montecito gingham shirt to wear with a pair of jeans or some flat front khakis for work. And a bonus if you have blue eyes, they’ll really sparkle now.

I love love love this Utility shirt. It’s perfect for a casual night or weekend jaunt. And even with my OCD ironing issues I would say you can work this shirt a little wrinkled. A plus right? Stay away from the white. Unless you’re a bronzed God you’ll most likely be washed out wearing it. I’m really digging the black as a transition piece into spring. I’m feeling a touch of 2011 Indiana Jones in this shirt. I’m talking Indiana Jones sans Shia LeBeouf.

Now here’s some plaid in a good way. I haven’t seen too many people out there straying from the black, red and white plaid. This is very 1965 Don Draper on the weekend smoking a Lucky while barbequing in the backyard with the family after spending the night with a girl from the typing pool. I like this shirt for a date night. Maybe roll up the sleeves to make it a little less professional and a lot more dateable.

I’m going out on a limb here and going to say every guy needs a chambray button down for the spring. Whether its under a grey sweater, buttoned up for a casual work place or with a great striped tee underneath I think this style will take you places…show you a world you’ve never seen before! That’s how into the chambray I am. This slim cut is great because the boxier you get in the fit the more you look like the Brawny paper towel man’s ugly stepbrother.

Find a look that’ll work for you? Great. Now throw out those old plaids shirts. Do not donate them to the Salvation Army because you’ll see some Allston hipster wearing it in two weeks flat.

Love me, don’t wear me

Personally I would never say no to a full length beaver fur coat or a pair of suede knee high boots but there are some people out there who are opposed to wearing or eating animals with such cute faces. My friend Alex just booked a one way ticket on the Vegetarian Express and recently asked me for some advice on stylish vegan shoes. His new motto: “love me, don’t eat me” can make it hard to find some fashionable sneakers or dress shoes. A lot of footwear designers are making lines that are vegan friendly but you still have to be careful. Make sure they specify Vegan/Vegetarian because most people don’t realize almost every shoe or sneaker out there has leather in it.
I don’t know how many guys in Boston are animal conscious but I thought “challenge accepted” and took a gander at what kind of vegan shoes are offered.

Desert boots are all the rage this winter for guys and gals. Here’s the next best thing for a vegetarian. One great thing is while trudging through the 70 inches of snow in Boston you won’t ruin your favorite pair of suede shoes…because they’re not real!

Vegan Wing Tips!! Oh my Gucci now I’ve seen everything. Every man needs a pair of wing tips in their life; even a man who doesn’t eat animals deserves a pair.

Saucony actually has a large selection of vegetarian sneakers. Very similar to their classics sneakers but don’t worry, no cows were injured in the making of them. Wear them with jeans on the weekends and impress the ladies with your newly found animal loving soul.

Going for a job interview at PETA? These actually look like they’re real leather. Perfect for a job interview or to wear to work every day.

So I must say if I was ever thinking about going vegan it’s safe to say there are some decent shoes out there. Until then I’m off to eat a rack of ribs in my coonskin cap Davy Crockett style.

I Choo-Choo-Choose You

So while I was attempting to avoid work on this glorious Monday morning I found this gem of an article on Yahoo Shopping. It was tagged with the title “Valentine’s Gift’s She’ll Really Love” so obviously I had to check out the list.

GQ’s Valentine’s Day Gifts Women Will Flip For

Now I’m not sure who GQ asked to contribute to this list but how about some insight from a lady who sits every Valentine’s Day waiting for a secret admirer to send her something as simple as a cardboard Justin Bieber Valentine her way.

First of all, you don’t even know who Phillip Lim is, do you? Second you’re going to buy your wife expensive laundry detergent for Valentine’s Day. Super romantic Romeo. Does that sound like something she’ll want? Not really. She’ll probably surf the net until she finds out how much you spent on this gift and badger you because you could have put that towards a nice bouquet of flowers. Those flowers may only last a week but guess what it’s not $36 Tide.

And a pillow. How….thoughtful? Ok at first glance it does sound like a really great and creative gift for the wifey (ugh how I hate that word) but really think about it. She probably decorated your house and for good reason. You’re color blind and have no concept of matching patterns. So if you think that a gift that revolves around the marital bed is your cup of tea you actually can stick with this website. Try a comfy sheet set in a high thread count. She’ll probably love that better and if she doesn’t she can always cover the sheets with a comforter.

The J Crew Vintage Pajamas set. Now we’re cooking with gas. I’ve actually looked at these myself and could really use a pair. And if you’re taking orders I’ll take them navy, size small, my initials are KAK. These are a great idea for your beautiful wife and if she’s anything like me she’ll never want to get out of bed on Sunday Funday.

So onto your mother. I honestly don’t know any guy who has bought their mother a gift for Valentine’s Day but just go with the flow. I’d have to say the only meaningful gift on this list is probably my favorite of the entire article. I really love the idea of getting a lady friend, not exactly your mother, the Forget Me Knot ring. It’s quite a charming idea and would be great for your wife or even the lovely lady you’ve only been dating a few months. Perhaps even a gal you’ve been admiring from afar. I’ve actually already spread the word to some male friends to purchase one for their GFs so apologies if your size is on backorder.

As for the decoratively wrapped soap and Napoleon knives….really? Don’t even think about it.

Now onto the gifts that really count. It seems like the writers stepped up their game on this list. Probably because this it where the Valentine’s gift really counts. She’s not yet you’re wife, not even close to being your mother but you have to impress her so she’ll stick around until the summer. The ring is a cute idea but if you want to buy her one either go big with a Tiffany’s diamond and sapphire bauble (oh wait I’m the only one waiting around for that sucker) or stick with the Forget Me Knot.

As for the notebook, skip it. You actually can have macaroons shipped to your lady friend. Try these authentic French treats from Sucre in New Orleans.

So you don’t think any of those gifts with impress your gal for Valentine’s Day. How about a couple more ideas from yours truly.

Remember the good old days when you and your middle school girlfriend would exchange mixtapes while passing each other in the hall? Yeah me neither. I’m still waiting for my Say Anything moment. Well now you can make your real life girlfriend, who you actually see outside of health class, a modern day mixtape. Fill up this USB drive shaped like a cassette tape with some memorable songs that she can listen to on her laptop at home or even at work.

Want a little something to go along with it. Get her a copy of Rob Sheffield’s Love Is A Mixtape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time. It’ll rock any music lover’s world.

There is not a girl out there who will ever reject flowers. And while we’re at it, Winston Flowers. Splurge a little if you’re going to buy her some buds. Maybe skip the red roses in exchange for some beautiful tulips. Most girls will say they never want flowers delivered to work on V-day but she’ll be the envy of the office once the Winston van shows up just for her. Everyone else will be putting together their bouquet from 1-800-Flowers and she’ll be happy as a clam with an arrangement like this one.

Just don’t ever take your advice for a Valentine’s gift from a bunch of dudes. Sorry GQ but stick to what you’re good at. Dressing men in suits or posting a gallery of half naked woman and naming it ‘The Women on GQ’.

Who spilled the beans?

You’re a baller on a budget waiting for your tax return check but you feel like you need to spice up your wardrobe for the rest of winter. Check out a couple gems from LL Bean Signature that will add a little pep to your winter gear without breaking the bank. And don’t forget, just click on the picture and it’ll take you right to the site.
Bean’s Signature line has been around for a little less than a year. I think it’s a great addition to the LL Bean Company. It’s got that great traditional New England feel without making you look like you harvest maple sap in the woods of Vermont for a living.

Got a weekend trip coming up with a couple of the boys and you don’t want to borrow your girlfriend’s Vera Bradley duffle to pack your stuff? Try this Vacation Bag. Although it has a $225 price tag it’s really a steal. This leather bag will last you forever. It’s got a classic look and remember LL Bean has a lifetime warranty. It’s totes magoats worth it!

I’m sure by now we all know my love for a matching belt and shoes. Try this Link Belt on for size. If you’re the type that doesn’t think you’ll ever be caught in something trendy than this belt is for you. It will add just the right amount of pizzazz to your life.

Every boy needs a corduroy blazer in their fall and winter wardrobe. If you’re going to buy one this winter I’d say get yourself one of these Cord Blazers. The Black Coffee and Black Slate are great staples to any closet but stay away from the Saddle; it’ll be a little harder to match. Wear it to work or on a date. I know a grey cord blazer that’s done wonders for a friend’s love life.

Retire a few of those freebie t-shirts you got on promo nights at the bar. No judging I’ve got a few of those in my drawer: Pabst Blue Ribbon and The Knot Whiskey. I just don’t wear mine outside the apartment like you. Henleys are great for the weekend if you’re just hanging out on a friend’s couch going on your eighth hour of Wii or getting your day time drinking on. At around $30 a piece get yourself two or three. Think about it, you won’t have to do laundry as often.

Watch where you step ’cause I’m about to drop some knowledge

The new year in underway and it seems like for a lot of men out there “asking more ladies out on dates” is top on their resolution lists. Ok well maybe second to “I won’t go to the bar on a Tuesday night anymore” but we all knew that would not last. So with a hop skip and a jump over to match.com they’re now asking all those ladies out on said dates. How do I know this? Every lady and their mother I know is going out on dates. I mean not me obviously. I’ve got one hot date this week and it is with my couch and this laptop. Just because I’m in a dry spell doesn’t mean I haven’t had my fair share of Awktown, USA dates in the past. Which is why I’m going to help y’all out with some basic rules to dating a real life lady.

Asking the girl on the date. So you got her number and you’ve been having a lovely banter back and forth via text during your lunch break. That doesn’t mean its ok to ask her out on a date via text. Or even worse via email. Believe me I’ve had the best of both worlds. Not only have I been asked out through my Gmail but also dumped via work email. Super classy stud. So pick up the phone. Yes guys you can actually talk into that iPhone. I’m telling you right now she’s not going to answer so be ready to leave a charming message asking her out. She’ll call you back if she’s interested and she’ll most likely be more interested because you’re the one guy who called, not texted, her an invitation.

Picking the date spot. I’ve had some experience in this arena as well. I’ve done dinner, drinks, a bar crawl on one of the hottest nights of the summer and even a group date. Yes he actually invited his friends along for the ride. Drinks is probably the safest bet. Now just because you’re getting drinks doesn’t mean you get a Pass Go Monopoly card straight back to her apartment afterwards. It basically means she’s on the fence about you and doesn’t know if she can hack spending over an hour with you. Dinner is for something serious. Maybe someone you really like and maybe have already known for a while. You’ll have more to talk about because you actually know her. You didn’t just meet her while sharing a scorpion bowl at the Hong Kong. Pick a place that’s not too romantic and it should be casual. Word to the wise. Don’t try to show off and take her to Toro because she’ll want their delish corn on the cob and she won’t be able to order it if she’s dressed to impress.

Now one place you should not take her on the first date is a movie. You were thinking that was a great idea weren’t you? You cannot talk to her during the movie. Ok maybe during the the previews if you are lucky. Plus unless she’s a diamond in the rough she won’t want to see The Mechanic (it looks kind of great, right?) . She’ll think Gnomeo and Juliet looks “super cute” and drag you along to that. Think about it. Do you really want to chance that movie choice?

Another note. Don’t ever ask a girl on a running/work out date. Please don’t. It is not a date. You can’t hold hands while running down the Esplanade and not look completely ridiculous. You won’t be able to talk if you’re trying to keep up while the triathlete smokes you.

The outfit. You want to dress to impress correct? So unless you plan on running a marathon leave the sneakers at home. Put on some real shoes. Believe me it’ll do wonders for you. And first dates are usually casual right? So keep it casual. Jeans. Check. Real life shoes. Check. A nice, pressed button down (maybe a sweater if you’re feeling lucky). Check. And don’t forget the matching belt. You thought I forgot, huh? Whatever you do don’t show up in manpris. I don’t care how hot it is. She won’t take you seriously from the get go so you mine as well not show up at all.

The date is over. It went so great you’re pretty sure she’s your future wife. Send her a short text on your way home (don’t text and drive y’all). One of the best post date messages I received was ‘forgot to say you looked great tonight’. He wasn’t lying, I did look sharp. Granted this guy wasn’t my future husband (he actually hijacked my favorite black headband that I never saw again) but its short and sweet and makes a gal feel special. So you want to go on another date. Just because you called her the first go around doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. Call her again for another date. The three day rule is completely bogus. Three hours, yes that’s a little stalkerish, but if she really likes you she’ll like hearing from you the next day saying you want to hang out again. But for the love of Gucci save your text messages for the boys and call her back!

Now I know you’re thinking “I’ve been on plenty of dates and had great luck with most of them so why should I change my ways?” Just because you’ve had great luck doesn’t mean you’ve been dating correctly Casanova. It just means the ladies of Boston have lowered their standards to find their future husband. They all think chivalry is dead so surprise your next date. Call her. Open the door. If you’re driving open the passenger side door for her…don’t do the lean across the stick shift and unlock the door. Dress appropriately. And most importantly she’s probably dating down and she’s out of your league so if you really really like her, act like it.